Saturday, October 28, 2006

Spiritual Practice

You know how some people meditate on an icon?

And some people by gazing at a candle?

Do you think it's okay if I spend a lot of minutes just looking at my cat's face?

Because to tell you the truth, that's the only form of focused meditation I get in regularly throughout the day, I mean of the kind where you empty your mind and your thoughts stop racing.

I think she knows this, which is why she parks herself right next to my left hand as I type, but back far enough so I can gaze upon her striped splendor.

To my right, on the wall, is a collage I made that I find myself looking up at a million times as I write, but not really seeing.

When I see Ermengarde, I always see just her.


Anonymous anniesmom said...

Yes, it's OK to meditate on your beloved Ermengarde. I lose myself not in icons, but watching my cat clean her face, gazing out the window, or sleeping.

Blogger Doug Muder said...

You've clearly never heard of Feline Mind Control. Looking into a cat's eyes and letting go of all your thoughts is a very dangerous practice.

Anonymous Meowia said...

Meowditation? Sounds good to me...

Blogger ms. kitty said...

When my Loosycat comes to bed, curls herself into my arms, and starts to purr, it's the signal that all's well, the day is finished, and we can go to sleep now. It's harder to nod off when Loosy is not there to purr me to sleep. It's a kind of prayer.

Blogger indrax said...

hey, it's just staring meditation, except that falling in love with your partner is inevitable, and not a problem.

Blogger Caroline Divine said...

Cats are proof of the existence of God.

Who else could create such beauty?

And of course they are a meditative path to the divine. I used to stare at my (late departed - sniff) cat. Furry icon. Now a furry angel.

Blogger Wally Nut said...

I heard once that cats are people who have decided to take a vacation from their issues.


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