Thursday, October 26, 2006

20 Million Single Women Didn't Vote in 2004

What is this I hear? TWENTY MILLION SINGLE WOMEN failed to vote in the November, 2004 elections??

Sister babes, what is UP with that?
I don't CARE if you were at work, I don't CARE if you had to get to the gym, I don't CARE if you had a pedicure scheduled or if you were babysitting your sister's kids or if you had a night class to get to or if you had to wax the kitchen floor or wax your legs that day or if you feel totally disenfranchised because no matter what you do, the same old asshats get elected to office.

That is NO EXCUSE, sister babes! You are NOT disenfranchised! Don't give me any 'tude about it, either! Did you see that fine movie "Iron Jawed Angels" where Hilary Swank tromped around in those adorable cloche hats as suffragist Alice Paul and suffered and practically starved to death in prison so that we could have the right to vote? What's yer problem, girls?

In all seriousness, vote in November. Vote in every election. Don't take this for granted. Don't blow this off. Don't be a fine, hard-working, great person in every other area of your life and behave like a moron around this issue.

Watch these videos and be inspired. Not by the bad eyebrow lift sported by one of the key actresses, but by the call to be involved in the democratic process, by gum:

Spend some time on this site, then spread the word. The next time one of your oh-so-sophisticated friends says she's not voting as a form of protest against the corruption of the system, throw your wadded up napkin at her and tell her to grow up, wake up, and wise up. And mean it.

If women don't stop being so cutesy-cozy with each other, so freaking understanding, we're going to keep getting the leadership we deserve. Meanwhile, what kind of example are we setting for the little girls in our lives?

[Thanks to PeaceBang reader Suzanah who wrote to me all the way from PRAGUE to pimp these videos]


Anonymous All Points said...

Um, I know you know better, but you might want to mention that some of those twenty million single women didn't vote because they were working two or three minimum wage jobs inorder to support their children.

Anonymous Donald O'Bloggin said...

I'm firmly of the belief that not voting in a majority of elections should revoke ones citizenship.

Limit elections to 2 days a year, make November elections a national holidays, and if you don't vote for a few years, pick the country of your desired deportation.

And before anyone says "I don't support any of the candidates" or "I object to the system", that's what going to the polls and casting a blank ballot is for.

Blogger fausto said...

[Thanks to PeaceBang reader Suzanah who wrote to me all the way from PRAGUE to pimp these videos]

Um, I know you know better, but I want to mention that "pimp" is a noun.

Blogger Doug Muder said...

I think those single women working three jobs and raising kids are precisely the ones we hope vote.

And Fausto: Language morphs. Or, as Calvin told Hobbes: "Verbing weirds language."

Blogger adrien-alice said...

And also, offer to walk the walk: babysit, drive someone to vote or--and this is still possible in KY so probably other places--if you can't get to the poles because of legitimate work-related issues: Vote early. In KY (not known as a bastion of enfranchisement), you even vote on a real (non-absentee) ballot.

Maybe I'm preaching to the converted, but if you've got some waverers, it's worth offering a hand.

Because yeah, when I think of all the time Susan B did in jail and never had a vote of hers counted...I can't deal with the guilt that I lack her determination.

Anonymous Fr. Damocles said...

It's a travesty that election day isn't a national holiday. We can't even shut down the capitalist machine for just one day so that the disenfranchised can vote. But that's probably the point.


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