Wednesday, October 25, 2006

John Thomas and Bill Sinkford Together At Last!

The event tonight at Andover-Newton was really quite nice, and I sat in the back with three naughty boys who were a bad influence. It seems -- and I did not know this before -- that "John Thomas" is a British euphemism for a man's private bits in addition to being the name of the UCC denominational leader. This made for some very juvenile moments back in my row, but I must say that the Rev. John Thomas is a truly lovely and intelligent man with an excellent sense of humor, and I would like to say that the tomfoolery of my dingbat boy colleagues is no reflection on his dignity or leadership.
Honestly, I thought he was cute enough to play a Jimmy Stewart hero-type role in the movies.

I was impressed by all the participants in the panel discussion between the UUA and the UCC leadership. Better yet, it was an event full of humor and good-will, and it was really packed.

It just amazes me that such a big deal was made about the leaders of these two religious movements coming together, and that it generated so much buzz about MERGING. Merging? Vattya, kiddink?

Too tired to write much now, except to share this recent cuteness with you:

Can you see how the paws are tucked over the edge of the bookcase here?


Anonymous Fr. Damocles said...

The merger paranoia reminds me of the way conservative Catholics and evangelicals often react to ecumenical/interfaith gatherings; like it's a threat to their theological or denominational integrity.

Anonymous Kevin M said...

Hee hee hee... you said "Rev. John Thomas"...! [snort]

Blogger fausto said...

One who couldn't attend would have joined you in the back row if he could have, and imagines the choir singing "Spirit of Life" upon Bill Sinkford's entrance, and "Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus" upon John Thomas's.

Or else, "Soldiers of Christ, Arise, and Put Your Armour On".

Blogger Paul Wilczynski said...

It was a wonderful evening! Notwithstanding the serious discussions, I thought one joke was particularly funny:

Q: What's the difference between a Unitarian Universalist and a liberal Jew?

A: Liberal Jews usually have Christmas trees.

Blogger The Eclectic Cleric said...

Mightn't we have said "two bad boys and a distinguished middle-aged historian who would NEVER make jokes about anyone's John Thomas?"

It was great to see you last night. See you again next week in New York.

Anonymous jinnis said...

Wish I could have been there. When you have a chance, can you say more about the purpose of the event?

As for merger - if it didn't happen last century, it ain't gonna fly now. I mean, that theological distance only widens with each year.

Blogger Peregrinato said...

I wish I could've been there. But I was happy to hear John Thomas speak at a local UCC association meeting. I was impressed by this knowledge.

Anonymous All Points said...

I am excited that the two denoms, both fo which have provided very good spiritual homes for me, have good relations.

A merger is never going to happen, nor should it, but they are both doing God's work.

Blogger ogre said...


While I tend to agree, I'd just observet hat Starr King's observation about the Unitarians and the Universalists being too close to marry is equally apt. Distance is sometimes just a matter of perspective.

UUs may finally find a way to deal more comfortably--and still openly and optionally--with "God language," and UCCs may get past their insistance on what boils down to creedal statements. At which point, merger--unimaginable as it may seem now--would become plausible.

Remember, a century and a half ago, the idea that Unitarians and Universalists might merge was pooh-poohed too.

Though I suspect that some sort of UU/Buddhist sect merger might seem easier at the moment.


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