Wednesday, October 18, 2006

PeaceBang's Lastest Book Order

March Geraldine Brooks

Praying for Sheetrock: A Work of Nonfiction Melissa Fay Greene

Waking: A Memoir of Trauma and Transcendence Matthew Sanford

Being Sick Well: Joyful Living Despite Chronic Illness Jeffrey H. Boyd

Psalms for Praying: An Invitation to Wholeness Nan C. Merrill

"If Only You Recognized God's Gift": John's Gospel As an Illustration of Theological Reflection Robert L. Kinast


Blogger Berrysmom said...

I picked up "Praying for Sheetrock" at a used book store a few summers ago because I was fascinated by the title. It's a very interesting book about which I am tempted to say more but won't because you just spent more $$ for your copy than I did for mine and you want your $$'s worth, right?

Anyway, go forth and read...

Blogger Anna said...

I love Praying for Sheetrock! Also Greene's other book, The Temple Bombing. It's especially neat for me, because I live in Georgia, so I have been able to visit many of the locations in the books. Hope you are enjoying it.


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