Monday, July 24, 2006

Now You Can Hear Sweet The Sound!

Check this out:

A few weeks ago, the Rev. Tim Holder ("Poppa T"), founder of the Hip HopE Mass in the South Bronx, was supposed to be the guest on Keepin' The Faith, a religious talk show through the University of Illinois.

However, because Tim had a pastoral crisis arise, he was unable to be the guest on the show, and host Steve Shoemaker replaced him with a feature about Sweet the Sound, the group I sing with. He plays several cuts from our CD on the show. I don't think we sound very good on "Bright Morning Star" (it sounds stagnant and too heavy on the alto to my ears), but I guarantee that you will totally dig the second song, "Laying Down." It was written by our director, Matt Meyer Boulton.

In the "It's a Small World" department: Tim Holder is a dear friend of mine from Divinity School.
Don't even ask how we wound up substituting for Tim. Turns out that was due to yet another strange connection. Sometimes it seems like the liberal religious community in America is so tiny.


Blogger fausto said...

You sound awesome!

Your host, OTOH, needs some caffeine.

Blogger John Plummer said...

That's amazingly beautiful. I've ordered the CD. Thanks for sharing the music.


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