Friday, July 21, 2006

A Manual Of Worship for UUs

I got a lovely little book at General Assembly called A Manual Of Worship: Insights From Over 50 Years As A Unitarian Universalist Minister by Frank Schulman. Terry Sweetser edited it and William Sinkford wrote the foreward.

Neither Boy In the Bands nor I can find it anywhere on line. I bought my copy at the Skinner House booth, I think, but noticed that they were also selling copies out at the Fund For the Living Tradition tables, or whatever they do out at those tables where they give out ribbons and apples? (Anyone? Anyone?)

Let's not keep this light under a bushel! Let's get a copy into the hands of every seminarian and every minister! Especially since the dear departed Frank Schulman says so many things with which I wholeheartedly and passionately agree!

Connected people, this is your mission should you choose to accept it: where can we order copies of this book?


Blogger boyinthebands said...

I have an email in to 25. . . .

Blogger Clyde Grubbs said...

Those are the Annual Program Fund tables....(APF...that is per capita we pay so that Ministry, RE, Congregational Services, and all those Programs can pay salaries and perform services to congregations.

Sometimes enterprising book sellers get their titles out on those tables.

Living Tradition fund is a raised to support the ministry with emergencies (and student loans)

Blogger UUEnforcer said...

I agree, another great gift to our faith from Frank

Blogger Philocrites said...

The book was published by the UUA just before General Assembly, and should be available from the UUA Bookstore soon.

Blogger Jamie Goodwin said...

Speaking of gifts, I found this about Rev Schulman.



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