Thursday, July 20, 2006

Going To Get Officially Hugged

Now I'm all nervous that I'll forget and wear something that Amma thinks is too tight, too short, or that I'll wear a sleeveless shirt by accident:

Somehow I don't think this is what should be on your mind when going to meet the Hugging Saint.


Blogger Aola said...

"Love will not create any trouble, fear, anger or tension"


Blogger Caroline Divine said...

I went to an Ammaji event about 12 years ago and I understood in a way I hadn't before the scenes about Jesus with the crowds pressing around him, hungry spiritually and otherwise, and the way his compassion extended out to them. That has stayed with me. The hug was nice too. :-)

I have no idea what I was wearing.


Blogger CK said...

Great opportunity to try out a sari, though...Liz got one while in Toronto and they can be wrapped in several different ways, making it kind of a Transformer outfit.

(Without the hidden machine guns or jet engines.)


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