Sunday, March 26, 2006

Roll Call!!

My "hit" counter is very misleading, and I have determined that very few people are actually reading this blog. That doesn't mean I'm going to stop using it as a healthy release for my mania, but it does make me think a bit.

These are the people I assume might be reading this blog on a fairly regular basis (in no particular order):

Boy In the Bands - Philocrites - Peregrinato - Chalice Chick - Fausto - H. Sofia (And Her Traveling Self) - Adam (Unity) - the UU Enforcer - Greenseagirl - Jaume - This Girl Remembers - Chutney - Kim - Jason - Jess - Paul W. - Steve Caldwell - Parisa - Sister of PeaceBang - Bex - Mel - David - Mikey H. - Dooner - Jess - Clyde - Roger (Cheerfully) O. Kuhrt - Slyypper -- Dame Olympia

That's 29 people. Let me know if you're #30. Who's out there? How many PeaceBang buttons should I order for GA? Who wants to design the logo?


Blogger rebecca said...

Hello PeaceBang. I read your blog. Usually via Bloglines, but occasionally I actually click over to your actual site.


Blogger Obijuan said...

I'm reading!

Blogger bap2 said...

You should realize that some people get this through the RSS feed. I'm not sure if your counter counts those reading from the .xml. What some people will do is put in an image in each entry as an "adbug."

So yeah, one more person reading. I have dozens upon dozens of UU blogs aggregated and it would be a shame to lose you.

Blogger Denise said...

Denise in Florida - my mom and her partner will be there and I'm instructing them to get me a button!!!!

Blogger SC Universalist said...

I read it everytime Sage tells me there is something new you've blogged!

no button for me at GA though, I wont be there (will be at Universalist Convocation though!)

Blogger Lizard Eater said...

Hola. Love to read your blog and would love to go on a shopping spree at Sephora with you. With our winnings from the lottery, natch.


Blogger PeaceBang said...

This is truly fascinating! Thanks all for popping in! (Sorry for leaving you out, Obijuan! I knew you was reading!). I'm too devoted to PB to ever stop, don't worry, Beth. I still don't understand what an RSS feed is.

Blogger PeaceBang said...

P.S. Thank you all for being out there in the blogosphere, cool people.

Blogger Elizabeth said...

Regular reader right here.

Blogger Jess said...

I get to read you twice, cool!

RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndications," and is a notifier that there's a new post on a blog - you can use all kinds of different software to then read that post, or you can just click over to the site. I use Bloglines, where I put in the addresses of all the blogs that I read, and then when I go to my account I have a list of all the new posts. I can choose to read the post on Bloglines, where the formatting may or may not show up, or I can click on the name of the site and go directly to it. Others have RSS support in their web browsers - it's built in to Safari, and you can get extensions for FireFox (like Sage, which SC Universalist mentioned).

It's what UUpdater uses to generate his site of all the UU blog posts, too - his software checks your feed to find out if your blog has a new post, and an excerpt and link are published on UUpdates.

If you want more specifics on RSS, the Wikipedia article is quite good at explaining.

Or just be satisfied that your blog has it, so people who use it are happy. ;-)

Blogger Chalicechick said...

I've given thought to Chaliceblog shirts at GA, not to sell, but to put on attractive women as a means of advertising.

"Births, deaths and marriages:It's just that simple."

or some such.

Anywhoo, I know LinguistFriend and theCSO lurk your blog and a couple of my other pals do, too.


Blogger A. Estella Sassypants said...

Newish reader, but regular all the same. :)

Blogger Fr. Damocles said...

I used to read occasionally, but now I'm a regular thanks to RSS.

Blogger Tricycle Blog said...

I'm here regularly too, but don't make me a button, I've never it made it to GA yet.

Jeff Wilson

Blogger Jamie Goodwin said...

I'm a regular too.. How could a self respecting gay UU not dig a minister that gives out make-up advice!?

Seriously.. I love what you have to say, your perspective in loving and caring for your congregation.. but challenging them too.

I won't make it to GA, but I'll take a button all the same if you have some left.

Blogger Princess Pinky said...

I'm a regular reader.

Blogger RevThom said...

PB: I read it daily!

CC: "Hatch, Match, and Dispatch: It's just that simple"

Blogger Lynn said...

I'm Lynn Calvin and I'm a regular reader. there's a LiveJournal syndication too (there may be more than 1, but the one I use only pulls the first to paragraphs. I only would show up as a hit on longer posts.)

I should be at GA, finances permitting (SO is not working at the moment)

Blogger Litocranius said...

Hi PeaceBang--

I'm a longtime lurker, never before poster. I read your blog. . .religiously? I'm not a UU, but I am a Christian (of the Lutheran persuasion, at present) married to a UU of the agnostic variety. I love my wife dearly, but am usually pretty turned-off by the explicit (sometimes unintentional) anti-Christian sentiments I've encountered at some (but not all, to be clear) UU congregations (and I'm a pretty liberal sort of Lutheran, too--our skins are quite thick!). It is very heartening to know that there are UU's beyond the secular humanists and "recovering Catholics" (this "joke" causes me to think very un-Christian thoughts every time I hear it. . .) who are willing to stand up and be counted. Your posts are inspiring and interesting--please keep it up!

Blogger Kim said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Blogger greenseagirl said...

What kind of logo were you thinking? How big are we talking? I will start imagining possibilities and doodling and perhaps something worthwhile will appear.

I'm pretty sure my mother and sister are regular readers, too, though they may not be able to post.

Blogger Spring said...

I'm reading you via LiveJournal as well. I get a feeling you've got a rather large readership via syndication.

Blogger Judy said...

I have been reading your blog every day and have sent a link to the pastor of my church and to my daughter and her husband (who is also a pastor).

Your wedding rant was what got me hooked... I have heard almost the exact thoughts from both Beth, my pastor, and Ken, my son in law. It was very funny!

I have 3 cats, too, andI appreciate your cat musings... I told Buddy, Fathead and Xena about you weirding-out your dear kitty, so they might realize that they have it pretty good. Our most fun thing is when they jump 2 feet straight up in the air if I surprise them and move my foot as they walk past me as I am sitting quietly reading. :-) Live is good.

I am glad you blog daily... I enjoy it.


Blogger Jewels said...

I read you too. I was born/raised a UU in Hanover/Rockland MA. Now I'm one of those young adults that has other stuff going on Sunday morning and I'm living in New Mexico. I like reading you because of the MA connection and the UU connection but even without those characteristics you are fun to read.

Blogger Jewels said...

I read you too. I was born/raised a UU in Hanover/Rockland MA. Now I'm one of those young adults that has other stuff going on Sunday morning and I'm living in New Mexico. I like reading you because of the MA connection and the UU connection but even without those characteristics you are fun to read.

Blogger Lynn said...

Oh, and a logo?

I have always thought it must be a classic peace symbol with an exclamantion point (a bang) next to it

Blogger Alison said...

I'm an avid reader via Bloglines. Seems like you have a lot more readers than you thought!


Blogger Philocrites said...

Or the logo could be one of those joke pistols with "Peace!" written on the little flag that shoots out.

(Look at how they love you, PeaceBang!)

Blogger RevThom said...

Oh, and put me down for a button!

Blogger Kim said...

I regret to say that I will not make it to GA this year. But I would like a button, if I may.
I really really wanted to go to GA.

Blogger Kim said...

I tried to send you a picture of a simple peacebang to start with, but can't figure out either how to post a picture or how to email you, so I am going to email it to CC and ask her to pass it on.

Blogger kellie said...

I feel a little bit random, but I read (and enjoy!) your site on a pretty regular basis. It makes me smile!!

Blogger Rev. Sean said...

hey, my comment didn't show up either! wow. i feel doubly left out now. I read you daily, dear peacebang.

Blogger LaReinaCobre said...

Was out of town for five days, but I'm back and want to say that YES, I read your blog regularly (pretty daily), as you already surmised.

See you at General Assembly!

Blogger Hunt said...

Hey, add me in too. I just missed a couple of days.

Blogger Wally Nut said...

me too

Blogger Anna said...

I'm reading, but usually a month or so behind. I use kinja, and click through there to your posts, and I am usually just one step ahead of all posts I want to read vanishing because kinja only keeps them a month. I rarely post comments because the convo has moved on by the time I get there. I'll be better this summer when I'm out of school, I promise.

Anna at Call and Response


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