Friday, March 24, 2006

"Original Sin"

I came home last night after class and a sushi dinner and bombed out on the couch. Too tired to even read.

So I watched about ten minutes of "Will and Grace" (lame, and what happened to Deborah Messing's looks? They're coasting by on famous guest stars but listen, they could have Jesus of Nazareth on as Jack's new boyfriend and I still wouldn't watch) and then happened upon the most wonderful, trashy, stupid, gorgeous movie I've seen in a long time: "Original Sin" with Antonio Banderas and Angelina Jolie. It's a 2001 production set in 19th century Cuba and was billed, when it came out, as one of the biggest turkeys ever made.

Having seen it on the WE channel, I can't attest to the hotness of the reportedly "semi-pornographic" sex scene (I also missed the first twenty minutes of the film, and the biggest romp apparently comes within the first ten minutes. Damn my eyes!), but I can attest to the entertainment factor, which is high. This film took me back to about 8th grade when I used to adore bodice-ripping novels like "The Thorn Birds" and all of the Judith Krantz and Sidney Sheldon ouevre (I can't spell it and it's not in the dictionary, sorry). Great fun, insipid dialogue you can't help but love, and Angelina Jolie's lips get bigger with every scene, I swear. The director doesn't even try to get her to act anything remotely like a 19th century woman and she flips in and out of a kind of British-ish accent but she does smolder and she does do justice to a great big dark brown wig, so all is forgiven. Antonio Banderas is so cute he can just stand there and I'm happy.

It's great. You gotta see it, but when you do, lower the blinds so no one knows what you're watching.


Blogger Ambrya_Nell said...

love the movie! course i have a girl crush on Angelina so i'll watch anythign with her in it.... She's gorgeous..... it was a good movie though.....different


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