Thursday, March 23, 2006

Messing With My Cat's Mind

I have done something terrible to my cat.

Yesterday we were in the kitchen and I brought out her carrying case in preparation for a trip to the vet. I know she hates being in it and makes the most terrible noises when I put her in it, as though I'm poking her with hot pincers and cutting off her tail in little slices. So I said this to her and started imitating her terrible Tortured Kitty noises.

I didn't know I was so good at imitating cat noises.

Her tail puffed up and she hissed at me.

I thought this was hilarious so I let her calm down and then I quietly made the noise again. Again, her tail puffed up.

So call me a terrible, cruel sadist, but I thought this was so outrageously funny that I kept testing her. I'd talk to her in a normal voice and then switch into "cat" to see if she would finally get that it was Human Lady making those noises and there was not, in fact, another feline in the house.

She finally got it, and I thought we had made up. Even if she did come up behind me as I was washing dishes and wap me with her paw, I still thought it was all peace, love and understanding in the parsonage.

But her behavior seems to have changed. She is nervous when I pet her belly, clasping my hand in her paws, gnawing on my hand and kicking with her hind thumpers. She brought me a (toy) mouse with much fanfare in the middle of the night. She wrapped herself around my head in bed this morning and bit my hair (very unusual for her), and she keeps flinging her entire body at me for full contact cuddling. She's sticking her butt in my face a lot, as though she thinks I'm a boy kitty. I said to her "NO, Ermengarde, I am not going to have incestuous lesbian inter-species sex with you. We're not THAT liberal around here."

Cat behavioralists, have I messed up my cat's mind in some permanent way? How can I tame this striped menace and get my sweet little buddy back?

Miss Erm


Blogger Jess said...

Poor baby!

I'm sure she'll be all right in a couple of days.

Or you could just get her stoned and see if that helps. Catnip is your friend!

We've totally messed with the Great Orange Wonder, too, by switching his feeding schedule around in an effort to make him stop yowling and climbing the walls looking for breakfast at 4 am. Now we give him his big meal when we eat dinner, and he's so confused! But he doesn't yowl until around 8, which is a marked improvement. :)


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