Sunday, March 26, 2006

When Is It Creedal?

I discovered a very old conversation over at featuring some of my favorite UU bloggers. They were debating whether or not UUA President Bill Sinkford's statement on choice constitutes a creed or not.
It's from 2004 and it's here:
(not to open old wounds or anything)

It's actually a great conversation, and given that the public conversation on choice is heating up a lot lately, look to the Reverend Mr. Sinkford to be making a lot more announcements, pronouncements and issuing statements that begin, "we believe."

My personal take is that unless a statement is being used in a congregational setting as a theological test for membership, it's not a creed. Even if it begins, "We believe," it's not strictly a creed (although I'm hip to the Latin thing with "credo"). That's not to say that I discount Chalice Chick and others' objections, I just don't think they're quite on the mark, although close to it.

All I can say is, when I'm President of the UUA I'm hiring Fausto to be my official statement checker. Day-ang.


Blogger Kim said...

Back before my computer crashed and I lost everything, I had a quote about UUism that said something about a creed is something we use to separate "us" and "them", to keep people out. What our seven principles are is a covenant we share among ourselves, and is not exclusionary.
a nice thought.
I think the distinction is important -- that if you don't believe our creed, you're out, but if you don't agree with a UU's position, you're just argued with.
One of our members described us as "the church where you can change your mind without changing your church." I like that too.

Blogger fausto said...

When you' become UUA Pres, PB, I'll have your back.


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