Friday, September 02, 2005

Reading Post-Katrina Images

Just stopped cleaning for a moment to check in with CNN. Two comments:

(1) Why is Bush always pictured surrounded by white men? Always. Always surrounded by white men. When he's trying to project a presidential "I'm on the scene and everything's gonna be okay," he's always got the white men entourage (the only exception to this rule is brown-skinned men in full military dress). Unless he's campaigning or indulging in pure, pointless photo ops. Then it's okay to have some women or non-white people in the immediate vicinity.

(2) I didn't think I could loathe him more, but when I saw the photo of him playing the guitar (another UU blogger posted it with a very apt comparison to Nero fiddling), I hated him on a new level. It would help so much if I didn't see his rolled-up sleeves and immediately know that a White House stylist rolled those sleeves for him to project just the right "we're gettin' stuff done" message.

But I have news for you, Mister or Miz Stylist: those sleeves are rolled up too high. He doesn't look like he means business, but rather that he's about to help Laura do a load of dishes. You should have rolled them to a 1/8 of an inch BELOW the elbow, not hiked them up so far. He looks like a total doofus.

The Superdome now has its own zip code. They say officials expect 2-5 more deaths per day.


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