Wednesday, August 31, 2005

James Ford

James Ford
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Philocrites reports that Unitarian Universalist minister, James Ford, has just been named a Zen Master.

That is so cool. For those of you who wonder how one can be both a UU minister and a Zen master, it's because
neither Unitarian Universalism nor Zen Buddhism are traditions that make exclusive claims to faith. Zen Buddhism is a Way. Unitarian Universalism respects that individuals are free to pursue the spiritual path that resonates most deeply with their soul's calling.

While many UU's spend years digging ten three-foot holes with a spoon, religiously-speaking, here is one among us who went at least thirty feet down into a disciplined path.

James Ishmael Ford is a lovely person and a good writer, too. If you're interested in Zen Buddhism you might want to check out his book, In This Very Moment: A Simple Guide to Zen Buddhism. You can buy it here:


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We've also got some of James' sermons and such up at the Unitarian Universalist Buddhist Fellowship site:



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