Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Flash Flood In Transylvania

In a land far from ours, a flash flood hit the Transylvanian region of Romania on August 23rd with devastating results.

You may wonder why I care enough about this to mention it. We have a partner church there and my heart is aching for our friends. They have a tough enough life as it is.

You can make a contribution to flood relief, if you like. They have very hard winters there, and with very diminished supplies, no livestock and badly damaged houses, demolished rail lines and roads, it's going to be a frighteningly trying one.

There certainly is enough pain on this globe to go around.


Blogger Oversoul said...

I saw this the other day; it's our 7th anniversary this weekend, and for my gift my partner is donating money to the relief effort. Much better than a new gizmo or tie :)

Blogger PeaceBang said...

Aw come on, 'Soul. You know it's not REALLY better than a tie or a new toy but you're a good guy and you know that the relief contribution will be better for your soul.

Blogger Oversoul said...

OK, OK...but I'm still holding out for sainthood :)


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