Tuesday, September 06, 2005


My colleague in Baton Rouge informs me that the initial request for body bags has been for 20,000 of them. He doesn't think the media is reporting this yet.

Brace yourselves.


Blogger Ryan Clark Holiday said...

i bet it wont be even half of that

Blogger Tricycle Blog said...

A few days after 9/11, there was a report that Guiliani had ordered 30,000 bodybags, which shocked me so much I can still recall it. However, it turned out that all these bags were ordered because there were many pieces of people, much of them not clearly belonging to any other nearby pieces. In teh end, the death toll of 9/11, including PA and DC, was less that 10% of the ordered bodybags. Since we're once again looking at many remains being collected in buildings that have collapsed and thus broken the remains into pieces, it may well be that the number of persons who will fill those 20,000 bodybags will be far less than actual 20,000.

Or so I pray.



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