Saturday, March 19, 2005

Suicide Smocks

Suicide Smocks
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I'm still thinking about the Future of Peacebang, but meanwhile I thought you should see this. An alert Peacebanger (who happens to be related by blood) alerted me to a website for a company that manufactures these smocks for suicidal prisoners.

Really, I don't WANT to laugh. I don't think it's a bit funny in the true sense of the word.
Perhaps what I feel gurgling in my throat is that existential kind of laughter, where we think fondly of the day we will be released from this extended absurdist performance called Life. Or perhaps it's due to the unintentionally hilarious smock models, who look for all the world like Noah and his wife upon disembarking from the Ark.

This text lifted directly from one of the pages on the website, at

Clothe Your Suicidal Inmates
and Save Money

Medical Expenses
Clothing prevents the need for treatment of hypothermia
Warmth reduces the likelihood of illness, particularly upper respiratory diseases
Risk of Personal Injury Suits
Removal of clothing from particularly vulnerable inmates such as females and youth puts a facility at risk
Providing clothing protects your facility against a suit for harm caused by hypothermia
Staff members, the "patient", and other inmates are more likely to report suicidality or implement necessary precautions knowing that the interventions do not include stripping (particularly in borderline cases and difficult judgment calls).
Demands on Staff
Inmate's comfort and reduced anxiety means less harassment of staff
Overseeing naked inmates is uncomfortable for staff
A clothed inmate can be more readily moved
Staff gets a break from noise and demands when inmate sleeps
Duration of Suicide Watches
Clothing decreases the inmate's sense of being punished or "treated like an animal"
A clothed inmate is better able to sleep which allows:
The bloodstream to be cleared of drugs
The therapeutic effects of sleep
An opportunity for a new beginning upon awakening

By God, the parousia can't come fast enough.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

WHERE do you find these things? I wonder if the models came from Elite? I think I saw him on the runways this season en Italia in a smashing Versace show. (snurk, snurk)

A Webbis

Blogger PeaceBang said...

someone I know is a veeeewy bad webbis!

Blogger T-man-Sam_former Visigoth and musical Goddess said...

I thought the two 'models' were Biker gang leaders and Druglords being brought to justice or to inform on others and were in "Protective Custody'!

Either that or Noah and his wife Shemp were in prayer suits for the wacky Cali cult they lead???

This did remind me of the the SleepingBagDress which is a self inflating garment/portable housing unit which did remind me of the Teletubbies.
very funny!

Blogger T-man-Sam_former Visigoth and musical Goddess said...

Here is the last part of the url after 04


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