Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Peacebang On Self-Imposed Time-Out

I just googled myself and found SIX pages of links to Peacebang, this li'l ole blog that I started right at the turn of the new year without one single-dingle consideration for what I was doing, what purpose I had in posting, and what kind of persona I would be putting out over the Internet.

I found that Peacebang is linked lots of places, and that way more people than I thought are noticing it and commenting on it. People I don't even personally know! Yikes! Who knew? I thought my site meter was mostly reflecting about nine readers who click in a few times a day. To be honest, I don't have the site meter programmed in correctly and I have no idea how many people are visiting.

My google search revealed that I have posted with impunity on lots of other people's blogs, making incredibly snarky remarks and sometimes even using cuss words. Bad ones too, Pa.

On this blog, I've thrown in some fun stuff, some serious stuff, and some puppies and lambs for good measure.

I've created a monster! A monster I actually really like, but a monster nonetheless.

I need to take a little time off and think about what this monster should be, if this monster wants to stop writing anonymously (in which case I would adopt another, very secret persona for the sole purpose of writing bitchy things on the celebrity gossip blogs), if this monster wants to be more thoughtful and responsible about what she posts and says, etc.

The ethics of blogging: what are they?
If Peacebang disappeared, would you be sad?



Blogger T-man-Sam_former Visigoth and musical Goddess said...

"What You talkin about peacebang!"
Arnold and Willis.

"Quit all this foolish jibber jabber, peacebang!!" .. Mister T

See, two great social commentators would be upset with you!

Would you have to explain a personna to your congregation? I think, mention that you are exploring yourself with the freedom to express a variety of views by posting on the web under a pseudonym and as a personna.

I think it has been freeing for you. a release. I thought it was generally understood by most people that everyone uses different personnas on the net!

I mean I was never really a Visigoth.. Let alone a singing goddess Visisgoth prancing through the enchanted forest before descending on a serene village and plundering looting, burning raping and pillaging. I mean that would be a bad dude.
BTW-in two years you are the very first to get the 'Life is Bootiful'ref, that is why I am former!--wouldn't want to be an enemy! You have a Big Brain!

Keep exploring this personna and the freedom it affords and unshackled you may find keys to insight and character that can only help you in your work.

Blogger Oversoul said...

"If Peacebang disappeared, would you be sad?"

Yes I would.

Blogger Adam Tierney-Eliot said...


I would be depressed if you "went public." Writing as a blogger on the other side of the anonymity (sp?) tracks, I can tell you that the grass is definitely not greener. When I need to hear someone tell it like it is, I come to

Besides, you're funny!

Blogger Chalicechick said...

If someone REALLY wants to figure out my name, it's not very hard.

But I doubt that one can be truly anonymous on the web anyway.

I love your site and check in all the time, though I've been very busy the last two days.

What helps me is that I have certain standards all thought out. For example, I try to always think carefully before posting anything related to my job, and I never say anything bad about the CSO.

For me, it helps to keep standards in mind.


Blogger fausto said...

Well, ultimately it depends on you.

Without Batman, Bruce Wayne would still be a rich bachelor. Without Superman, who would Clark Kent be?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course I would miss you. Yours is easily among the most entertaining and thought provoking blogs I've encountered. Many blogs are more like..well....bogs. Your posts are humorous when they can be, deep when they need to be. (Besides, you're one of my secret role models. shhhhhh.)

Anonymous soul food said...

I would definitely miss you, Peacebang. You are funny, you are reflective, You are irreverent -- and an increasingly necessary part of my day. (the day after the Oscars? I couldn't wait to see what you wrote!).

The blogosphere needs more like you. I hope that you choose to continue as you are in all your radiant splendor!

Blogger Chalicechick said...

(( Without Superman, who would Clark Kent be?)))

A guy with a longer and far more successful journalism career than CC had.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

NO, don't go! UUism needs to assemble a whole armory full of Peacebangs, rather than declaring the only one it's got a dud.

Ooh, I feel a fresh hymn revision coming on:

Onward you, you Peacebangs [Get it? You, you = UU?]
Marching as to war,
With the Cross and Chalice
Shielding from the bores!

Blogger PeaceBang said...

"You like me! You really like me!"
Peacebang feels like Sally Field today and is taking your remarks very seriously, as she adjusts her profile for a little more "distance" and considers not mentioning church at all in future posts (even though when she has, she has always done so with utmost, authentic adoration).

Meanwhile, I am reading Annie Lamott's second book on faith which just came out and --almost against my will --*totally* loving on it.
I wonder if I'm the only child-free chick out there who has read and re-read Lamott's "Operating Instructions: A Journal of My Son's First Year" dozens of times? J'ADORE! or would I say T'ADORE! I forget all that French I learned...

Blogger Chalicechick said...

I found Anne Lammott my senior year in high school when she had a column on Salon. This was back before Salon was even updated daily. When Cintra Wilson wrote for it and hardly anybody was reading it.

Anyway, yes, I loved Operating Instructions and I read it and re-read it until one day it occurred to me what Sam's life is going to be like when they other guys in junior high figure out what "Oedipal" means.

After that, I just couldn't get into her any more and what I've read since has made me grow to dislike her more with time.

If I had a nasty fight with my scumbag brother I wouldn't go and blog about how much he sucks and how miserable I am and why did my parents ever have to have more kids after me.

And if I did blog about that, he could make a blog of his own or try to sue me or do something to defend himself.

Sam had, and has, no such recourse.

Yes, she loves him. But I really think she loves Anne first.

She may have kicked her cocaine habit, but I think it has been replaced by an addiction to hearing how clever and spiritual and wonderful Anne Lamott is and she's just as willing to pimp her son to get a fix as any junkie.

Boy, that is nastily phrased. But I really feel strongly about her and about the kid who is going to have to hear "Oh,I LOVED the time you were sick as a baby and threw up for three days! Your Mom is so BRILLIANT and so BRAVE for admitting she had you accidentally and you made her miserable all the time when you were a baby" his whole life.

Poor bastard.


Blogger PeaceBang said...

TELL IT, girl!
I know, I know... that's why I said I loved her book "almost against my will." I vacillate between impugning her authenticity and then just giving in and being charmed by her magnificent storytelling abilities and beautiful struggle to be a good Christian...
But Lord, I hope she done saved some money for Sam's therapy.

Blogger Chalicechick said...

I agree. There are good thing in her struggle.

But when she writes about Sam?


Anyway, I think your blog's importance to me is clear. MY last three postings to the Chaliceblog have referred to it.



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