Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Mr. W. Works Beyond "The Wince"

I like this blog I found by another Unitarian Universalist:

I am directing you to one of his recent posts referencing a sermon his minister gave on "Saving Jesus," directed partly at so-called "Jesus-wincers" in his congregation (I call them "Jesus counters.")

I commend Mr. Wilczynski for expressing a mature Unitarian Univeralism that says, "This particular religious thing makes me uncomfortable and so I am working to heal my knee-jerk reaction." It's everything I hope for Jesus-counters of my own acquaintance: not that they become Christians, but that they become better UUs for moving beyond a censorious, angry rejection of any of our sources of religious wisdom.

Too often we forget that although we may be, as my friend Tom Schade says, "a hospital for the religiously-wounded," we should help lead our co-religionists to the goal of healing and integration.


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