Sunday, May 06, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Bookmarks!

PeaceBang is now being hosted by WordPress, and you can join us there at

I owe a world of thanks to ChaliceChick for making a Christmas gift of my new domain names -- something about which I was entirely clueless.

And I owe a galaxy of thanks to BoyInTheBands for shepherding me through the entire transfer process, for designing the new site, for working with me via e-mail from 11:00 -2:00 AM to talk colors, fonts, techno-speak, and concept. It helps that he's one of my dearest friends, but still, due to problems with Blogger he had to do a very lengthy work-around to get all my archives over.
Many mondo hugs to my butter lamb.

Look also for a new Beauty Tips For Ministers to launch any day now.

Thanks to Blogger for two years of free hosting, and for making blogging possible for so many of us.


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