Sunday, November 19, 2006

Update on Plans For This Blog

Mis estimados
and dear readers,

I will be (trying to!) narrow the focus of this blog in the coming weeks and months due to a pending Boston Globe interview on BeautyTipsForMinisters and anticipation of corraling some of that blog into a book.

The focus of PeaceBang will henceforth try to be these things that I most treasure being able to write about, for our mutual enjoyment, challenge and benefit:

1. Theological reflection and UU Christian spiritual practice
2. Reflections on the inner life of a parish minister
3. Denominational issues for Unitarian Universalists

This means that I will (try not to!) post very much on cultural matters, movie and theater reviews, my life as a single gal, family matters, random blatherings,
and detritus.

I reserve the right to CAT BLOG on Fridays, and to post the occasional hilarious link.

It has been my tendency to blog very frequently. While I have found frequent blogging to help me focus my own thoughts, blow off steam, have someone to "talk to" at lonesome times, and discharge verbal mania, such frequency of posting does not lead to the highest quality writing. I realize that a blog is ephemera, but I am also interested in being a decent writer and communicator.

Therefore, I am in the process now of going through the archives and deleting lots of posts I don't like, cleaning up language that ain't fittin' for a permanent archive of a blog that has received far more attention than I could have ever imagined (and Mom doesn't like me to cuss), and thinking about the whole fascinating phenomenon of blogging as a whole.
It really has been fascinating. We have a connection, you and I, and I greatly respect and appreciate that.

I will continue to blog anonymously not because I care that you know who I am, but to make clear that my thoughts are my own and that I speak in all cases for myself and as myself, not for my congregation. As always, those who would like to speak with me more personally beyond the realm of PeaceBang are welcome to e-mail me at lunadiva at msn. com and are welcome to find out who I am by doing so. Some of you have become readers of my sermons and articles because my writings as PeaceBang intrigued you. I am honored by that, and by your interest in me as a person outside of the blogosphere. Many of you have become friends and friendly correspondents. That makes me really happy, and I treasure the future possibilities.

I will continue to respect the privacy of my congregation by discussing our ministry together in only fairly generic terms and never revealing their full names. Their occasional "appearance" on this blog has one purpose and one purpose only: to give church-goers or potential church-goers a sense of the beauty of congregational life. For all the challenges of the life lived in religious community, I am a believer in church membership and involvement. This blog intends to foster interest in and support for the Church.

I will not blog about anyone I'm dating, unless it is to share stories about the positive aspects of relationships. Cads and heels have a two year grace period before which I will complain about their behavior in print, but never mentioning names or identifying information.

As always, I will not blog about my family without their permission.

While my contributions to this blog will be (I hope) more streamlined and focused, and my voice a bit more subdued (ha! But seriously, I'm gonna try!) my blogging persona over at Beauty Tips for Minsters will remain over-the-top, sassy, brassy, and flagrant!! Because you just cannot shut that girl up! Amen and amen!

Thanks again for reading, for caring, for writing, and for being part of the blogging community.



Blogger Jess said...

This sounds fabulous - as much as I love your comments on all things pop culture, your "churchy" stuff is always right on the mark and gets me thinkin'. Sooooo glad to hear we'll be getting more of it!!

Anonymous anniesmom said...

Thank you, PeaceBang,
and--THANKYA Jesus!

Blogger dame olympia's page said...

thank you peacebang! in thinking that you were leaving us (OH NO!) I went and started reading a lot of archives... and wow there a quite a few bits that I am so glad I went back and read. Your voice is an important one in the UU community... and thank you for your letter to the world magazine too!

Dame O

Blogger Chalicechick said...

I've been trying to figure out how to say this since the topic came up and finally figured out how to put it into words.

Judging by all the other comments, I'm in the minority and big time, but I wish the beauty blog could be subdued and the religion blog could be sassy.

My favorite posts on both blogs are where you write against type. The serious and thoughtful debate with the jeans-wearing minister on the proper symbolism of clothing to the minister and some of Peacebang's rants about religion itself rocked my world in a way the serious religion commentary and the snarky celebrity fashion critiques don't.

I know the serious BTFM posts will happen sometimes, and I guess the sassier religion stuff was unsustainable in a blog run by a minister. But it was honest and I really liked it.

Ah well.


Anonymous Melissa J said...

Thank you, I especially like #1. Though I don't often comment as it takes me awhile to reflect on some of the great topics you raise, this blog has profoundly enhanced my spiritual journey. Even if you closed shop today, you made a difference it a very good way.

Anonymous madgebaby said...

I enjoy both blogs tremendously, and I wouldn't mess too seriously with the tone of either.

As an ordained person, the hardest thing to deal with for me has been the notion that a part of us--the funny part, or the sarcastic part, or the pretty part or the sensual part or whatever--gets stripped away the the hands get laid on us and we are transformed into some supernatural being that is all spirit and no body, devoid of opinions and passions and such. Thanks so much for not buying into that folly.

Blogger PeaceBang said...

Madge, I couldn't if I wanted to, and that's God's truth!

Blogger jean said...

Aw, shucks, you're not going all stuffy and boring, I hope!

Blogger PeaceBang said...

I don't know, Jean: you'll have to let me know!

What I want to know is, is it okay to say "bitch" now and then? Because it's a word of which I am actually quite fond and has lost a lot of its sting for me...

Blogger Chalicechick said...

I generally think it's OK as a verb meaning "complain" or an adjective meaning "way cool" but don't use it any other way.

wearing a bitchin' brown leather jacket she got at Liz Claiborne for 50 percent off, BTW.

Blogger CK said...

I've appreciated your reflections on your 'voices' and how to responsibly engage in blogging. I am glad to hear you are going to keep the Peacebang blog, and I will continue to lurk (and maybe comment occasionally... :)

Blogger Peregrinato said...

This is so perplexing.

Somehow, my Bloglines feed wasn't picking up any of your recent posts. Not having seen anything from you in about a week (I didn't really read any blogs during AAR), I knew something was amiss--and now I've come to read all the news, the updates, etc.

Wow. It is a lot to take in.


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