Wednesday, November 08, 2006

South Dakota

And then there's what happened in South Dakota:

I have to believe that Unitarian Universalists in that state were instrumental in forcing this issue to the ballot. This is one of those instances where every vote really did matter, and where individual efforts were unmistakably important. God bless these South Dakotans for taking on a position that is so easy to morally condemn, and for being willing to face their virulent, irrational opponents and risk the violence and attack that so often comes with taking a pro-choice stance in an anti-choice community. No one supports abortion, per se. No one wants to have to come out and fight for the right to such a sad and ugly procedure. But they had to do it on behalf of dignity, privacy and ultimately life, and that takes courage. There is very little real victory in such a political victory, but they had to do it.

The article reports that the total votes for overturning the ban were 143,502 and the total votes voting "yay" for no abortion under any circumstances were at 117,885.
How many one-on-one conversations, testimonials and earnest exchanges happened around this issue to get people out to vote against this draconian, invasive and misogynist law? And in the meantime, while it stood, how many women and men lived in fear, faced a terrible predicament because of government interference, crossed state lines to procure an abortion, and felt owned and controlled by their local legislature?

To repeat the old cliche, if you're against abortion, don't have one. And "just say no" to sex with anti-choice men.


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