Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The First Happy Meal

I forgot to tell you...!

A member of my congregation came up to me at coffee hour on Sunday and said that she had had one of those very weird flu-induced dreams, the kind where you're sort of feverish and definitely flying out in Weirdoland. I said, Oh goodie, because I'm a champion weird dreamer myself and I knew she'd have something hysterical. I remember taking Nyquil in college and getting so tripped out I would actually sleepwalk.

So Joanne (who happily gave me permission to post this) said that she had a very vivid dream where she was viewing the Last Supper from a kind of cinematic vantage point, and just as she was realizing and appreciating what she was looking at, the perspective "pulled away" and she could see that the meal was taking place at a McDonald's!!

And then she heard an announcer's voice say, "THE FIRST HAPPY MEAL."

We both cracked up over that, of course. My god, the ultimate product placement! I said, "Was Jesus eating a quarter-pounder with cheese?" She thought not. I'll have to ask her if we can do a Fries Communion at Easter.
I think we're going to get a lot of mileage out of this one!

Too funny. Dreams are such strange things.


Blogger Ron said...

Priceless. I can't wait to use it at the next communion homily here. Thanks for it and your blog and you. Ron Robinson

Blogger fausto said...

Somebody on eBay was paid way too much money a couple of years ago for auctioning off a really bad Grandma Moses-style primitive art painting of the Last Supper taking place at the counter of a Waffle House.

If Joanne is a bad enough painter, maybe she could grab a piece of that action.

Blogger Ian said...

It has already been imagined. Here it is.

I also remember a picture of Ronald McDonald hosting the Last Supper in the movie "Supersize Me" but I couldn't find it online.

Still, a remarkable concept worthy of blogging and sermonizing!

Blogger revmama24 said...

Our oldest daughter took to calling those little visitation communion kits with a wafer and grape juice in one small container "Jesus Happy Meals." I tell my parishioners this when I end up using them and they always get a kick out of it!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quarter pounder with cheese?! Jesus would NEVER mix meat and dairy!


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