Sunday, August 06, 2006

You Can Be In Love Any Time

And sometimes I have lovely dates.

Sometimes I have a great time, great conversation, wonderful chemistry, lots of laughter and sparks, mutual respect and interest, a great meal/show/movie/walk in the park/concert/chill time in front of the tv/museum or pub crawl/trip to the zoo, etc.

Sometimes the men I date are gorgeous people, real gentlemen, gracious and smart and totally impressive and delightful to be with. Sometimes I get to have deliriously fun dates with married friends or with gay friends. Those are romantic too, in their own platonic way.

So that happens too. I've had no shortage of romance in my life. Sometimes I'm walking along with my Mom in New York City and holding her hand, and my heart swells really huge in a way that makes me think it might burst. That would be a nice way to go. Or I'm holding my nephews in my lap smelling their hair and listening to them chirp about a book, or talking on the phone with my sister or her dog, and I feel very much in love with my life. That's romantic, too. Romance isn't just about the Big Woo Woo. I often fall in love with dogs, for instance, or howler monkeys at the zoo, and not in a way that makes me want to start an affiliate organization called Unitarian Universalists for Human-Animal Love.* Just in a way that makes me feel totally in love with them.

Because have you ever seen those little monkeys with the tiny cranky faces? How could you NOT fall in mad love with them?

I just wanted to say that.

*for a full story of the man who really DID want to start an organization like this, you'd have to ask Adam Tierney-Eliot, not me.


Blogger Adam Tierney-Eliot said...

Oh man...Don't ask me today...


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