Wednesday, August 02, 2006

PeaceBang HATES "The Messengers"

Have you SEEN this thing? It was on TLC two nights ago.

I watched it while in Ottawa with a friend and we screamed at the television throughout.

This is the reality show where a group of overly-pious, simpering motivational speakers experience various difficulties and oppressions for, like, three hours at a time, and are then required to deliver a two-minute speech to an audience of what I'm convinced are actors, to be rated by judges who are themselves vapid, treacly motivational speakers.

The whole thing makes you want to poke your eyes out like Oedipus and go wailing off into the desert.

Wanna know what the challenge was the other night?

Spending the day picking broccoli with migrant workers. So that they could, you know, really feel the plight of the workers.
The theme of the talk was STRUGGLE.

I can't wait to see the episode where the Messengers ride around in wheelchairs in preparation for a speech about -- I don't know what they'll be assigned. Want to place a bet? I'd bet COMPASSION. Or DIFFERENCE.

I'm kicking myself that I missed the episode where the Messengers got to be homeless for a day. I bet that was a fiesta of authentic suffering and pathos.

This thing is so atrocious you cannot miss it. Especially if you're a preacher, because honey child, there are some SERMONS to be had out of this kind of New Age Spiritual Porn!!

Aren't you glad I'm back? Didja miss me?


Blogger boyinthebands said...

Hubby and I saw a promo for the show and reeled in horror.

I may not always like what I do for a living, but at least I'm not a motivational speaker.

Blogger THeath said...

I saw the previews for this over and over this past week, and each time I said to myself "this can't be what it appears to be. Now it seems my worst fears are confirmed. At least I'm spared the task of tuning in and seeing for myself.

A "reality show" about motivational speakers? I'm not sure what's more disturbing: that someone would come up with a show like this, or that anyone would watch it.

Blogger PeaceBang said...

THeath, what also greatly disgusts me about it as that the motivational speakers are just quasi-ministers. Their 2 minute speeches are just sermons, but given to an audience rather than a congregation. Given my great respect for Henry Ware's teaching that the gifts of preaching come from the relationship of pastoring, the whole thing made me physically ill in a very specific way.

Blogger boyinthebands said...

Of course, I'm just feelin' smug because I have a picture of you two sillies (with other people) on my wall.

But not smug enough to be on "The Messengers."


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