Thursday, August 17, 2006

Favorite Podcasts?

So what are your favorite podcasts?

I download Ebert and Roper movie reviews, the NY Times front page, ABC News Daily Dish, American Experience, a wonderful little show called "Hidden Kitchens" (always totally spellbinding), a second favorite cook show called "The Splendid Table," American RadioWorks (great audio documentaries), APM Speaking of Faith, Bon Appetit Audio Podcast, Coverville, New York Times Restaurant Revies with Frank Bruni, NPR Books, NPR Food, NPR Movies, NPR The Diane Rehm Show, Open Source, Piano Jazz Shorts, Religion & Ethics Newsweekly, and Steve's Ten Dollar Wine Challenge.

What can you tell about me from this list?

That I'm a music and movie-loving, religious foodie with an interest in politics and American history and culture?

Sounds about right.


Blogger LaReinaCobre said...

I think you must also be some type of audiophile with all that listening!

The DH hipped me to The Splendid Table, and I sometimes happen to catch it in the car on Sunday afternoons. The host always sounds like she is smiling. I rarely listen to the radio at home, only in the car.

I already feel a bit overstimulated by all that's on the internet; I don't know when I'd listen to podcasts except during my workout. Are these all free? I try to save the bus rides for reading.

I might go get that splendid table one, although listening to all that talk about delicious food while working out might encourage me to go home and eat. Hmm.

On the other hand, I looked up the price of some downloadable books from iTunes and it was so expensive! $18 for The Great Gatsby? I can buy that for 99 cents used at half a dozen bookstores within walking distance of my office! If these podcasts are free ....

Blogger LaReinaCobre said...

p.s. Maybe you would know the answer to this question (sorry for the previous long post; it's late and my editing skills have gone to sleep): does Chocolate go bad? I've had a big block of it (some high quality stuff from Switzerland or someplace) since February sitting in my kitchen cupboard and I wonder if I can still use it?

Blogger PeaceBang said...

Hafidha, all those podcasts are FREE! I don't get to all of them every week, but they get me to the health club! It's kind of a miracle that I look forward to working out because I have these wonderful things to listen to.

I also use them on road trips.

Geez, I don't know about the chocolate. If it's cooking chocolate it should still be fine. If it's just eating chocolate, just break off a piece and try it! It certainly won't hurt you unless it's sporting obvious mold or something.

Blogger Caroline Divine said...

LOVE "The Splendid Table." Listen to it on local NPR station when I am back from church on Sunday afernoons. LOVE Diane Rehm. Discovered her when I moved here to the Southland -- local NPR station has her on mid-morning and I am sometimes home. Don't own an iPod and won't for a long while, still working to pay for a car, which I have been too poor to have for several years.

On chocolate: I don't know the full facts, but on the rare occasions it has lasted too long in my house, it has occasionally gone stale -- not sure that is "bad" as in dangerous but it does affect the taste. It can also develop a "bloom" (kind of a light film) on it when it gets old, and that's a sign it is getting old and the taste may go off a bit but I don't think it will make you ill.

That said, chocolate rarely lasts that long in my house except for the cooking kind, but I avoided that happening a couple of weeks ago this year when I made chocolate-covered frozen bananas for a somewhat healthy treat, to keep in the freezer. I recommend it. Easy and you can find several recipes on the web.

I had left a part of a bar of organic dark chocolate here while away on vacation and what with the heat and all it developed a bloom *and* looked pretty sorry so being in doubt, I threw it out.

I bet the nice woman from The Splendid Table answers such questions on the website.

Caroline Divine, suddenly madly overworked and about to post much less -- hope I still have time to read y'all

Blogger jadebluestocking said...

I'm hooked on Cast-On, a knitting podcast. A couple others I have picked up recently are the Dawn & Drew Show (random talk radio show) and Shadow Falls (supernatural-thriller serial drama). When I have time, I catch the same NPR podcasts you do, and I've been spending a lot of time listening to podiobooks from LibriVox.

Blogger powderblue said...

Colleen Patrick-Groudreau offers short, thought-provoking podcasts on nutrition and the ethics of eating at

(Incidently, she got her start in this by giving cooking classes at the First Unitarian Church of Oakland. She’s since appeared on the Cooking Channel, received an award from the upbeat and widely read VEG NEWS magazine, and produced an informative and goofily charming cooking DVD that’s also received awards

Regarding the chocolate, I'll just state the obvious: the longer it goes uneaten, the more likely it will spoil!

Blogger L. Michelle Harris said...

Podcasts. Let me see. Well, the only one that I listen to all the time is the Tom Joyner Morning Show. Now and then I listen to religious services. Any that I find that seem like they'd be nice. Today I listened to the noon prayers being chanted, for example. NPR I listen to more than I ought to. Too much bad news gives me tummy aches.

Blogger Elizabeth said...

L. Michelle - where did you find the podcast with the noon prayers being chanted?

Right now the only podcast I listen to is MorningPrayer's podcast - it's Morning Prayer from the BCP with the readings from the Revised Common Lectionary. I manage to actually download it and get it on the iPod about twice a week.

I also get NPR's Speaking of Faith from, but they're almost an hour apiece so I have a lot of them that I haven't listened to (my train commute is about 20-25 minutes).

As far as chocolate goes, it will eventually go stale, but it does take a while. The bloom is not harmful, it's just a sign that some of the cocoa fat has separated because the chocolate has been warmed up and then cooled. I say, try a bite and see!


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