Friday, August 11, 2006

The Cartoon Bubble Over My Head Says...

The cow is still not birthed, and I am officially miserable and entering into that existential crisis that comes when a paper just can't get written.

My life stinks, I am angry and nonproductive, I don't WANT to write this, I am not passionate about it, therefore I hate my doctoral program, I don't want to work this hard, I am grieving the end of summer, I'm wicked lonesome, the light is fading and autumn is coming, therefore I'm going to die soon, I should start worrying about Christmas, my stomach is churning, I want to go out and have some dinner and relax, I can't because I have to write this paper, everyone is out tonight having fun but me, I'm never going to get my office cleaned, and I still haven't opened the box or set up the new printer that I purchased in JUNE of 2005, therefore I am a loser and a failure. Therefore I should just go have sushi, come home and play the banjo, and moo sadly like a cow until bedtime comes and I can wake up the next morning and hate myself some more.

The only good thing about being a cow is that they have very long eyelashes, so when you look sadly down at the ground and moo, your eyelashes brush your cheeks.

(I got this photo off a web site called "People For the Beautification of Cows." I think they are seriously confused.)


Blogger Lizard Eater said...

"Push it out, push it out, Waaaaay OUT!"

Good luck, PB. Only time my house ever gets really clean is when I have a paper to write.

Blogger Caroline Divine said...

You have my TOTAL sympathy. I am in cow mode myself (and I'm a Taurus, ha) trying to finish my dissertation and it is miserable. I still love my topic but you know how it is, it's easier to post comments on nice blogs like yours (both of them) than focus on hatching theological concepts in proper form. Go PeaceBang! You can do it! Mooooooooooooo!


Caroline Divine in utter (udder?) solidarity

Blogger CK said...

Can you post the link for the site? When I Google "People for the Beautification of Cows" your blog is the second hit, which I find hysterical. But I want to see where the picture came from and what that's all about.

Blogger Mystical Seeker said...

I also tried to Google "People for the Beautification of Cows", with the same lack of success. I loved that picture so much I showed it to my signficant other, who also loved it.


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