Friday, June 30, 2006

"What PeaceBang Thinks"

I've been following the strands of my posting on LORD all over the blogosphere and chuckling a little bit whenever I see people write about "PeaceBang's brand of Christianity."

Folks, honestly, a few paragraphs on the word "LORD" are not a thorough explication of my theology. I've never written a theology, nor do I intend to. Therefore, I'd like to respectfully inform the readers of this blog that none of you knows what "PeaceBang's brand of Christianity" is. PEACEBANG doesn't know yet what her brand of Christianity is. She is a blogger, not a theologian, so she feels like she's got time to figure it out.

This isn't to say that I'm not thrilled that so many of you have jumped off my original post and written your own credos -- I am. And I'm thrilled that you read my post in the first place. I just want to GENTLY and LOVINGLY say that if you're using my reflections as a mirror to see yourself in, I want to tell you that I'm looking into the same mirror. PeaceBang expresses but a mere fraction of what the writer behind PeaceBang struggles herself to understand and discern about her own beliefs.

I've read a few blogs tonight that paraphrased me so unrecognizably that I felt like I was in a game of Operator. I'm not offended; just bemused, and I want to be responsible in reporting the phenomenon.

I admire those of you who take the time and energy to post really thorough theological statements. As PeaceBang, I am content to generate bits and pieces of provocative prose, and to appreciate the conversation it generates.

In the meantime, read this wonderful post by Fausto. It's a perfect example of what I mean in the "Wow, I Thought I Knew Where He Was Coming From But I Guess I Was Making Assumptions!" Department:


Blogger Chalicechick said...

If I'm one of the ones who misinterpreted something you said, let me know and I will edit the post.



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