Monday, June 26, 2006

Overheard at GA

Philocrites, regarding his nice big glass of fresh o.j. at brunch:

"Eight oranges gave their lives for this."

After being asked if he wanted a second glass:

"I guess not. I feel a little guilty getting into the second harvest."


Blogger fausto said...

Is Philo's lack of a ponytail due to your fashion coaching, or a neurotic need to conserve oranges?

Blogger Kim said...

I'm so glad someone is sticking up for vegetable life.

Blogger CK said...

Philocrites, you have absorbed too much Whitehead. The enjoyment of oranges has got to be really tiny in the scheme of things...

Blogger powderblue said...

The orange tree that produced the oranges has not suffered or died. Orange trees have coevolved with humans – they produce oranges that we humans like, and we in turn cultivate and protect the trees. A second glass of orange juice would have strengthened this dynamic of interdependence.

I know that my observation probably seems stiff in the context of the remark that was clearly made in jest: “Eight oranges gave their life for this.” Don’t get me wrong – I like humor, and most of my friends would say I’m humorous (if I asked them directly). It’s just that I think we sometimes dismiss and disconnect from the agonies we cause the animals we eat with lighthearted comments about “plant suffering”, and I want to respond in a way that's respectful to all.


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