Monday, June 26, 2006

I Just Felt I Had To Say This

For those of you following the comment thread between me and CK, I would just like to inform you that she is so much cuter and younger in person than in her photo that it's really wrong to let you go on believing that she's a very seriously intimidating middle-aged woman scratching her chin.

In real life she is a totally cute, fresh-faced, wide blue-eyed young pup, who isn't intimidating at all until you realize how freakily brainy she is. She also has an extremely cute girlfriend and we here in the Boston area would like to put in a vote that they move here.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.


Blogger CK said...

Aw, thanks. My flickr photos here should contravert the middle aged look. The chin scratching one is supposed to be my philosopher look.

Though I dunno about the "pup" -- I am a worldly, sophisticated blogger with a mean cynical streak. Right? Right? C'mon, I'm trying...

Blogger Philocrites said...

Here, here! Grad school in Boston! I could finally have the Alfred North Whitehead Society I've always dreamed about...

Blogger LaReinaCobre said...

I concur that ck + ckso are very very cute!

Blogger Philocrites said...

Actually, let's just admit that the whole bloggers' dinner was one assembly of cuteness and charm from one end of the table to another. (H Sofia has offered to help us find a place even better for mingling in Portland next year.)

Blogger Jess said...

Nah - she's coming to visit me in Chi-town, first!


The blogger dinner was lovely, but I was stuck on the end and didn't get to really converse with everyone. I vote for a round table and frequent shuffling next year!

Blogger . said...


Blogger Kim said...

I hope to go to Portland next year too -- see you there.

Blogger Chalicechick said...

I'm checking the JetBlue fares to Portland already.

179.00 roundtrip from Dulles. Sweet.



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