Thursday, March 30, 2006

I'm embarrassed to admit that I get a lot of my news updates from the filthy-mouthed Rude Pundit:
The thing is, he has excellent links. I go for the links. It's a quick way to get hooked into the hot issues, like the immigration bill and protests in CA.

I used to think The Rude Pundit was a contemporary Marquis de Sade but now I don't. I get the point: he's pornographic because our leaders are obscene -- but it all winds up sounding filthy and juvenile and sometimes misogynist.

I'm so tired. Good night.


Blogger Roger Kuhrt, PhD said...

PB said, "The thing is, he has excellent links. I go for the links. "

Yeah I know just what ya mean--I used to read Playboy becuse they had great stories--I go for the stories!

Cheerfully, ROK

Blogger PeaceBang said...

LOL! I thought the same thing as I wrote that!!

At least Playboy was cheesy, airbrushed and beautiful in its own exploitative way. Rude Pundit is always as crass and pornographic as possible. Still far the better man than Hugh Hefner, but still...

Blogger Kim said...

Back in the sixties when I read Playboy (my little brother had a subscription) it really did have some good articles. Sure, it had its own viewpoint to promote, but don't they all?


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