Friday, February 03, 2006

UU Blog Awards

I've been nominated for UU blog awards in the following categories, which is just so nice of ya'll (or just Philocrites). I decided to spend a few minutes scrolling back through this year's entries to choose a few representative samples, in case you're being a conscientious voter. I'm sorry I don't have time to provide links for everything, but my archives section works pretty well and you can just scroll down to find the entry if it doesn't pop up first. As I said, these are very random and not necessarily my favorites, just representative for the category. So ladies and gentlemen, for your consideration:

Religious Writing or Theological Commentary:

"Spiritual But Not Religious" 1/24/05

"Oy Vey, Not Again" 2/2/05

"Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down" 2/10/05

The Little Compton Series, beginning March 2005 with
and culminating with Easter Sunday, "It Matters To This One," 3/27/05

"Are They Worth Praying Over?" 8/20/05

Review or Cultural Commentary:

(I've reviewed lots of movies and awards shows, the Brangelina affair, and all kinds of pop culture nonsense but it seems I've been nominated for my piece, "And I Am Convicted," which I wouldn't have thought of as review or cultural commentary but I appreciate the nod anyway!)

Anecdote or Narrative:

"Redeeming Weddings" 9/24/05
"Snake Shooter" 9/5/05
"22 Years Without Him" 4/05/05

Best Writing

Best UU Themed Blog

"Do We Pray?" 9/11/05
"Squirming on Sunday Mornings" 1/29/06

(P.S. Love and thanks to Jaume for tuning me into the joys of!!)


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