Friday, January 06, 2006

Best Herbal Tea

If you're an herbal tea person (and even if you're not) you should know about these:

I bought a bunch of them when I was in Montreal this summer and they're just wonderful in a 32 oz. container of plain old water, not even boiled. I get so dehydrated in the winter but I get bored of drinking water, so I pop a starfruit or blueberry tea bag in there, add three drops of stevia, and voila! a much better, much cheaper alternative to Vitamin Water (which has calories, too, and this doesn't).

Something is very wrong with me this evening in the tummy department and I am just praying, praying, praying that it's not the flu. I have such huge plans for the next week, a flu would be disastrous right now.

Hard to imagine that Ariel Sharon is lying in extremis in Israel right now. I can't remember a time when Sharon was not. O, Israel. You confuse me so very much.

My cousin's son makes his bar mitzvah on the day that I turn 40. I am sending him the lovely book The Sabbath, by Abraham Joshua Heschel. If I think of it, I also want to send him a collection of Heschel's works called
I Asked For Wonder, which I also love.
I loved Heschel's first anthology, too -- a reflection on secular life called
I Asked For the Check.

I'm kidding! I'm kidding already! Don't look it up on Amazon, what are you, meshugenah?


Blogger Kim said...

Speaking of tea...
If any of you are fans of the taste of black tea, and would like a caffeine-free tea but think herbal teas are lacking in depth, I have a recommendation:
Make a pot of your favorite herbal tea using two bags of that and one of Celestial Seasonings Caffeine-Free Tea. It adds depth and bass notes to an otherwise soprano tea experience.
Our favorite herbal tea is called "Orange, Mango and Cinnamon" from Twinings. It doesn't taste like its name.
We now return you to your regular programming....


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