Sunday, January 01, 2006

Commercials We Hate, 2006 Edition

Have you seen the ad for this product?
On the commercial that played about ten times already tonight on VH1 (I'm indulging in "I Love the 90's"),
a blonde guy of indeterminate European origin rides a city bus. He's got a little gadget in his hand. He says to two men in the back of the bus, "You two: fight." And a young black guy and an old white man start to mix it up.

He turns next to a cool-looking dark-skinned dude and says, "Turn up the music," and the guy docilely obeys by cranking up his boom box.

Next, the man turns to a young African-American woman. "Shake your junk," he commands, and she obligingly turns, grabs the bus pole, and shakes a juicy posterior.

The man looks satisfied and the tag line reads, "Entertain yourself."

I wrote to the company telling them what I thought of their concept of "entertainment." My God. How patently offensive, racist, sexist and despicable.

I'm also not impressed by the Temperpedic bed ads, but just for silly reasons: why do they think I care that their bed is endorsed by NASA, or whatever? They don't even have GRAVITY in space, so I don't think astronauts have the best sense of what kind of mattress I might like best here on planet Earth. Cheez.


Blogger LaReinaCobre said...

I never ceased to be amazed by commercials. I found that watching tv very little causes my wonder to reach child-like proportions. Fascinating.

Blogger Kim said...

I have the same experience -- I watch so little tv that when I do the ads are all completely new, and completely amazing. Stupid and manipulative and promulgating bad values, but new and amazing....

It's the values that are interesting -- they are sooooooo bad, so NOT "family values" or religious values -- why aren't the RR attacking the whole commercial shtick? Because they don't really have good values.... So, what are we doing against these bad values? I hope those of you with children are continually pointing out how manipulative and (bad)value-laden commercials are.


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