Thursday, November 03, 2005

"You're Doing a Good Job, Brownie!"

You've all heard by now, I presume, about some of the bone-headed e-mails being sent by erstwhile FEMA chief Michael Brown in the days following Katrina?

The very essence of maturity, I'd say. I especially like his wry observations about his "fashion god" wardrobe. Shut up and get to work, Brownie. And don't tell us you didn't know the levee was breached. Now we know that you knew.

PeaceBang seems to recall a post she wrote in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina wherein she speculated that Bush had a special "sleeves advisor" to roll his sleeves just to the point around the elbow that communicates "I shore am workin' hard for the American people."

PeaceBang feels vindicated today at the revelation that there are, in fact, Sleeve Advisors in the administration, as evidenced by this bit of intelligence from

"On Sept. 4, as criticism mounted of the federal effort, [Michael] Brown received an e-mail from Sharon Worthy, whom the Melancon report identified as the former director's press secretary, telling him: 'You just need to look more hard-working...ROLL UP THE SLEEVES!' "

CNN expanded on the content of this e-mail this morning, providing a further quote from Worthy which said, in effect, "even the president rolls HIS sleeves."



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