Sunday, October 30, 2005


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I just saw "Roman Holiday" on the Turner Classics channel. Sigh. Air kisses to William Wyler for directing this gem, and for the blacklisted Dalton Trumbo for penning the screenplay.

What is there to say about this perfect film?
Audrey Hepburn is just the most luminous creature ever. Let me be Will Ferrell as James Lipton for a moment, leaning forward in my chair with my greasy comb-over and making up a new word to describe her:


She really is. She's an elegant, glowing, absolutely enchanting girl with an impossibly tiny waist and the most beautiful posture any movie actress has ever had. I can't imagine any screen siren today who could make me believe she is a princess. I believed Audrey Hepburn was a princess. She's swellegant and then some.

That tiny crooked tooth she has just makes her more perfect. Has there ever been a more beaming smile in all cinematic history? I would pay to watch this woman stand in a doorway. She is beyond the reach of any of my usual feminist critique.

And then there's Gregory Peck. I'm glad I was alone when this flick came on so that others would be spared my "oh my Gods" every time he appeared in a close-up. I'm thinking, "Lord help me... am I actually older now than he was when he made this film?" Because when I watch Gregory, I'm squirmy-stomached little girl dreaming of my first kiss.
Speaking of which, I love that Peck and Hepburn -- about 15 years apart -- manage a passionate embrace without wolfing each other's faces. A lost art in today's Hollywood.

William Wyler's direction is totally crisp, charming, well-paced, carefully choreographed yet endearingly clutzy, and sweet, sweet, sweet.

And -- quelle surprise! -- Eddie Arnold is just plain hot as the comic banana-best friend-boho photographer.

Now I'm going to call Sister of PeaceBang and talk like Audrey Hepburn all night, 'cause we can both do a mad accurate impression.


Blogger Oversoul said...

Talking like Audrey is a fun, and healthy pasttime. I highly recommend it.

Blogger fausto said...

Once upon a time, Father of Fausto was on the board of the George Eastman House and its International Museum of Photography and Film. They had a dinner where the guest of honor was Gregory Peck, and the program was a retrospective of his career. While Mother of Fausto sat in the front table dinig with Peck and being charmed and wondering what she had done right in a former life, FoF was up on stage emceeing the evening. Near the culmination of the event, in a surprise move, FoF walked to the back curtain, grasped the hand that appeared on cue from behind, and escorted Audrey Hepburn hand-in-hand to the podium.

MoF and FoF still talk about the night when she had a dinner date with Gregory Peck and he held hands with Audrey Hepburn.

Blogger Obijuan said...

I remember really wanting a Vespa after seeing that movie.


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