Friday, October 28, 2005

From the PeaceBang Situation Room

First of all, he should have been indicted just for having the name "Scooter Libby."

I'm not naive. I know that the kids in the Big Sandbox play nasty, and that such shenanigans are not limited to one party or another. However, this is so much more sinister. This one has the blood of 2,000 American soldiers on it, and the blood of tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis. This isn't just, "Nya nya, you wouldn't play our game, so we told everyone you kissed Suzy!" This is "We will not countenance another version of the truth than ours getting out into the public, and we will punish you for putting yours out there."

I have no comment about the ninnies from the New York Times.


Blogger Andrew said...

"One version of the truth" is what the Bushies are all about. They tolerate no dissent or discussion, and have no compunction about shutting down any voice they see as a threat. I think this issue is rooted in the relgious fundamentalism many of them share. After all, if it is God's word that is all important, and you talk to God, how much do you need to respect any other view. I am reminded of the exchange between Drummond and Brady (Darrow and Bryan) at the climax of "Inherit the Wind" - So you talk to God? God tells you what is right? Gentlemen, meet the prophet from Nebraska!

This, to me, seems closely connected to the sermon idea you were ratiocinating a couple of days ago.


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