Thursday, September 08, 2005

Beautiful Baton Rouge

Not that I'm getting afraid to go to Baton Rouge or anything, it's just that when I hear I should pack as though I'm going camping and get all my shots and vaccinations, it definitely highlights the fact that this isn't a joy trip.

I don't know how to pack to go camping. This is the girl who was kicked out of Girl Scouts, remember?

Apparently I could get me that gun I talked about pretty easily, and probably shoot some snakes. Or something. A colleague said, "wear your collar and hope for the best."

And it's going to be reeeeal hot.


Blogger Steve Caldwell said...

"Hot" is a relative term. It's certainly hotter in Louisiana than it is in New England.

However, September and October in Louisiana are my favorite months of the year. The summer heat is starting to break and the morning air is cool.

If you are working inside at any shelters, you might want to pack a light sweater in your backpack. Southern air conditioning can be very chilly. For example, my office is so cold right now that I'm wearing a cardigan even though it's not cold outside.

Have a safe trip,
(who is roughly 240 miles north of Baton Rouge by car)


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