Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Julia Ormond, Activist for Refugee Issues

Remember Julia Ormond, that beautiful actress who was so the "It" girl of the 1990's and starred with Brad Pitt in "Legends of the Fall" and with Sean Connery in "First Knight?" And after a few big hits she had flop after flop and then disappeared?

Turns out she was working on refugee issues. Lookie here:

So I'm thinking, wow, if every actor and actress whose career hits the skids after making a pile of dough in a few hit flicks makes similar choices, we could actually have a much better world.

But Julia, I'm sorry I said anything mean about you when you disappeared. Like I'm sorry I said anything like, "That chick was the WORST actress! I'm so glad she's not in everything anymore!" Or "That Julia Ormond is so EXPRESSIONless! She's like Garbo but without the soul!"

I take it all back. Also, you were in that super bizarre medieval Peter Greenaway film, "The Baby of Macon" and that sort of redeems you as an artist in my book.


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