Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Another Pious Plastic Surgery Denier

You know, I truly don't care if Jessica Lange wants to have her face lifted until her eyebrows meet her hairline, but I do mind that she's apparently a blatant liar and hypocrite:

"She looks tired climbing into the U.N. plane one last time. The fine lines on her face are more visible than normal. 'I hope I have the European approach toward age,' she muses. 'As a woman ages, every line and wrinkle on her face and body should tell a story. It's why I've never considered cosmetic surgery. The idea that beauty can only be synonymous with youth is an obsession that has been forced on American women.'"

Jessie gave this quote to the AARP in their spring 2004 issue. And the evidence shows:


I applaud her humanitarian works in the Congo and all, but Ms. Lange, is it necessary to treat the folks at home like blithering idiots who think you jes' woke up one mornin' and your eyes was all slanty-like?



Blogger n.v. said...

Peace -- hands on hips -- maybe she's using egg whites to tighten her skin!

Blogger Chalicechick said...

Are we sure it's not just a bad eyebrow job?

Her eyebrows in the other pictures are curved and they are very straight in the new pictures.


I don't know. As the pictures are from different angles, I have trouble being sure.


Blogger PeaceBang said...

it's a bad something job, chile.


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