Sunday, August 27, 2006

Cruise Gets the Heave Ho

I just love that Tom Cruise got his come-uppance. It's not just that I'm mean, it's that he has been on an insane rampage for over a year and obviously believed himself to be immune from all consequences. Cruise has been the King of Schmuckland for a long time now, and I join the millions of people rubbing their hands in glee today and saying, "YAY for Paramount for dumping this egotastic freak job!"

We all know that Tom Cruise is always going to have bazillions of dollars to roll around in with his wife and daughter, that poor child. This isn't about money. It's about reputation and about someone in Hollywood saying, "Your crazy costs us money, time and prestige. You're fired." Note to star actors, athletes and other money-generating "personalities:" you're not an individual, you're an industry. People rely on you for their living. You need to show up, do what you do well, collect buckets of dough for it, go home and behave yourself. Lindsay Lohan, I'm talking to you.
(You know you're getting a bad rep when the lovely William H. Macy says you deserve an ass-kicking. That's real bad).

I still remember the bile that rose in the back of my throat when Cruise was being interviewed by Matt Lauer and in the most gently psychotic of tones, referred to psychiatry as a junk science. "It's a junk science, Matt," he crooned, and when Matt interrupted to ask a very simple question (which I believe was "But hasn't it legitimately helped people"), Cruise broke in with his eyeball-spinning messianic routine and said, "Matt. You're being glib. You're being glib, Matt." It was like, "Look into my spinning eyes and read the truth here, Matt." I was ne'er so creeped out in my young life.

Apparently "Mission Impossible III" only make sixty sixteen squillions of dollars instead of a hundred sixty sixteen squillion, so someone's head had to roll. I'm glad it was Tom Cruise's. Now can they do something about that totally insane glint in his eye. 'Cause it scares me.


Blogger LaReinaCobre said...

Cruise strikes me as a person who is not so much talented as he is determined. That's why he's so successful. He must also be likable because he does have a lot of friends. But mostly he strikes me as a perfectionist control freak.

Blogger Chalicechick said...

Clearly you need to check out's Cafe Press store

Actually, you'd probably enjoy itself.


Blogger Lizard Eater said...

And you missed the Emmys ... so you missed the opening montage, (best I've ever seen in an awards show, or at least in recent memory) which had a whooo dig at Tom in which he "came out" of a closet.


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