Friday, July 07, 2006

Our First Podcast

So, techno-babes out there: a member of my church has been learning about podcasting and is ready to record a little something with me next week, presumably to put on our church web site.

What should I record?
A welcome?
Some sermon excerpts?
Our plan for UU world domination?
Me singing "Last of the Red Hot Mamas?"

I await your advice with bated breath. Or baited breath, because I'm never sure which it is.


Blogger Chalicechick said...

Do you have a sermon you've written about a hymn?


Blogger Donald O'Bloggin said...

How about you half-drunkenly singing the following, backed up by your chior:

Most days are like all of the others,
Go to work, come back home,
watch TV,
But, sister, if I had me druthers,
I'd chuck it and head out to sea,

For I dream of the
skull and the crossbones,
I dream of the great day to come,
When I dump the mundane
for the Old Spanish Main
And trade me computer for rum!

Blogger SC Universalist said...

I would first figure out the purpose of the podcast -- to introduce folks to your Church? If so, name the first two things people should know about your church....


Blogger boyinthebands said...

I'd give it a second thought. If you think blogging is a major time-suck, podcasting is time-suck cubed.

On the other hand, it might be good for getting recorded sermons contextualized, repackaged and available. But that would be on the church's clock. If there's time available.

Blogger UUpdater said...

UU Podcasters have a Google group. Might be worth checking out:

Blogger Paul Wilczynski said...

If you do start putting up sermons, let me know and I'll be pleased to add them to .


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