Sunday, May 21, 2006

Theological Rock Stars

As you know, I attended the commencement exercises at Union Theological Seminary on Friday afternoon.
My pal, L'il Flava, Ph.D., invited me to share a champagne toast up at her professor's apartment on the fifth floor (we had to walk down several cement basement corridors to get to the elevator, and my friend Eddie and I played "Titanic" and "Poseidon Adventure" all the way there, slamming our bodies against the walls and pretending the waters were rising).

The toast was given by Emilie Townes, which is cool, but it was in Professor Gary Dorrien's home, which was even more cool, and he was there and gave a toast.

I was very star struck. It's so nice when brilliant people you admire from afar turn out to be very nice and cute in person.


Blogger Happy Cindy said...

"several cement basement corriders"

You didn't see rats, did you.
You know why?
Because you made a ruckus.

In my day at Union, we used to sing hymns, (my favorite was Battle Hymn of the Republic,) ahead of ourselves down that corrider (which I still find amazing, is directly off the beautiful corrider that LAW AND ORDER uses most when they need a prep school or college corrider).

Congrats to your friend.

Blogger PeaceBang said...

Oh dear god, I am so glad I didn't see any rats.


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