Saturday, May 27, 2006

A Sense of Home

Since 1984, when I graduated high school, I have lived in the following locations:

Evanston, IL (4 different dwellings in five years)
Oak Park, IL (one apt. for two years)
Minneapolis, Minnesota (one apartment for a few months)
St. Paul, Minnesota (two different apartments in 1.5 years)
Rochester, NY (one house for one year)
Somerville, MA (one house for three years)
Berwyn, PA (one apartment for two years)
Ellicott City, MD (one apartment for one year)
Columbia, MD (one condo for one year)

You can't imagine how much it means to me to go into my fifth summer here in Boston-ish, New England. I have worked with the same staff for four wonderful years, the same congregation, and lived in the same house.
I know my neighbors and am friendly with all the people who work in our tiny town center (especially the bank tellers who are total buddies by now). I know when the lilac bush comes into bloom, and when my neighbor Jackie's amazing bright orange flowers flare into sight. I have walked the cemetery many times. I know the local festivals and traditions, and when to put up my Christmas lights. I have great pals in ministry and in theatre, and I know my way to their houses without looking at directions. I get to see their children grow up.
This is the fourth time I have dragged my "new" gas grill out of the garage with trepidation, wondering what critters may have nested under the cover over the past winter (this year: mice).
I have had the same hairdresser and colorist and manicurist for at least four years. I have had the same massage therapist, spiritual director, and health club. They are all part of my self-care team.

I know the smells and the seasons of this place. This is home.
It is the first real home I have had since I left my childhood home at the age of 18. As many ministers do, I keep my resume updated and my boxes ready to pack, because I know how volatile ministries can be. I don't worry about it, I just keep my feet on the ground. But still, this is home. For now, this is home.

And now, your moment of Zen from someone who always lives in the moment:


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A Sense of Home is a thing to celebrate! Most beautiful cattage there!


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