Monday, May 22, 2006

Preaching Forgiveness

Forgiveness is one subject that a preacher can address at least once a year and no one will complain.
I tend to preach on the subject around Yom Kippur, Day of Atonement, when I'm not preaching on my favorite subject, SIN!

One of the favorite sermons I ever gave was called "Who Are We To Forgive," with a double meaning on who are we to forgive, and who are we to forgive (as in, how can we ethically express forgiveness when crimes against God and man are committed by others?). That was a sermon that left me wrung out, indeed.

For those of you looking ahead, I thought that the inspiring life of Freddie Boyce, chronicled in Michael D'Antonio's book The State Boys Rebellion (which I've written about here before), would make a great starting point for a reflection on forgiveness. Freddie, who was treated with relentless cruelty and neglect throughout his childhood, managed to have true compassion for his abusers as well as for their victims.

I am going to try to see this movie, which contains the same themes, and addresses even more vile and evil acts of cruelty and torment:

Has anyone seen it? Comments?

Preachers, start your engines.


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