Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Give Me Lip

So I go to the church in town to give my big lecture and one of the minister hosts comes up to me and tells me about the pulpit and the microphones and all that jazz, and then she says, "How do you do your lips? They're so great." And of course I am BEYOND thrilled -- I figure now even if my lecture stinks I will have brought the Good News of CoverGirl to yet another colleague, and I say, "It's this CoverGirl thing in Blush Pearl or Nude Blush and it stays like mad!" And then I whip it out of my bag and show her, along with the new MAC lipgloss I just purchased today, and we giggle over it and it was just so fun.

And then I saw in the rearview mirror on the way home that the MAC top coat has glitter in it. Glitter, for the love of Zeus!
How can I be taken seriously in glittery lips!
I hope it wasn't noticeable.

Anyway, the lecture went terrifically well and I am going to sleep so hard tonight. It wound up being a 17-page paper and man, what a relief. Oh, there's Mom. Gotta go.


Blogger Chalicechick said...

OK, MAC cosmetics I do know. I find regular clear "lipglass" over any lipstick gives is severe va-va-voom.

Lustreglass is a little much up close, IMHO, but you're speaking in front of people so a more stagey look might be OK.


Blogger Katester said...

Love me some MAC lipgloss!

I am totally linking this to my blog!


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