Sunday, April 09, 2006

New Sexy Repressed Gospel Scandal!

Probably half a dozen people told me about this in church. They were so excited!

Although I have my cynicism and doubts (, I always love it when laypeople get into any religion story. When they say, "HEY, would you preach on this!?" so much the better. Speaking of which, why oh why can't ministers understand the power of the catchy sermon title? Sure it may be cheap marketing, but darn it, it gets people through the door! As for those righteous preachers who say, "Sermon title? I don't publish sermon titles! They shouldn't be choosing which services to attend the way they choose a movie to go to on Saturday night!" I couldn't agree with you more. You are absolutely right. They should, and I am a cheap huckster for luring them through the church doors with sexy titles and quippy descriptions. It's just that... it works.

Sunday night TV date, right here, baby:


Blogger PeaceBang said...

Fausto comments (but posted in the wrong place):

"I watched it. Lots to say about it but no time right now. Thoughts gather around these issues, thought:

1. Gnosticism is not a garden-variety Christological heresy (like Unitarianism, eg) but a more profound heresy involving the nature of the Creator-God, the material world, and good and evil.

2. The notion that Judas was somehow playing an ordained role in the Passion rather than a traitorious betrayal is old news, not a new discovery, and not unique to Gnosticism.

3. A good opportunity to review how the NT canon came into being, what unexamined presuppositions we UUs may bring to reading both the canonical and non-canonical writings, and in what ways we can validly learn from each.

4. Gnostic overtones in Tillich?

5. Irenaeus: inspired or deluded?"


Blogger fausto said...

I was wondering why it didn't show up. That's what happens when you post before coffee while trying to get out the door on Monday morning. Where did I put it?

Blogger fausto said...

BTW, a corollary question to my #3 comment above is whether we UUs bring a different set of unexamined suppositions to the canonical Gospels than we do to the non-canonical ones. I suspect we do.


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