Sunday, February 12, 2006

How Can I Share Lena Horne With You?

Does anyone know if I can upload mp3 files from i-tunes into Blogger? 'Cause sometimes I want to share tunes with you all.

Like tonight I loaded about 35 photos onto my i-pod and it just so happened that the song that came up for the slide show was Lena Horne singing "Yesterday When I Was Young." from her Broadway show, "A Lady And Her Music." This is a song that will rip your heart out ANYWAY, but try listening to it while watching a slide show of people and places you love best rolling by. It's like being at your own funeral. But in a good way.

If you don't own Miss Horne's brilliant 2-CD recording of that show, by the way, I just think it's a huge omission from your life. All libidinous women need to listen to "A Lady Must Live" on Valentine's Day, and you can dirty dance with your honey to "'Deed I Do." Her rendition of "Stormy Weather" will make you sit down real hard on the couch and cry no matter what you're doing, and "That's What Miracles Are All About" could so easily be the first dance at your wedding. When you're feeling blue, you gotta have "If You Believe," which might also make you cry.

So get it, okay?


Blogger UUpdater said...

Does anyone know if I can upload mp3 files from i-tunes into Blogger?

There may be a way to do so, for podcasts and stuff, but it would be illegal since I am fairly certain the music is covered under copyright. The RIAA would be eager to get your account shut down for illegally distributing music.

Your safest bet to "share" the music would be to find someplace that makes it available as streaming media, like a web radio which is legal since it is protected by digital rights management, then tell people to listen to it there.


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