Sunday, February 19, 2006

Editing Oprah: Funny. Editing PeaceBang: Scary

On one hand, this doctored up video clip produced by The Superficial is really funny:

On the other hand, someone gave me two CDs of recent sermons today, recorded on a little magical James Bond gizmo that he's going to teach me, and the ushers, how to use. The Fauxprah clip makes me think, "whoa, it's fun when they edit stuff to make it funny, but how about when they edit stuff to make it incriminating or just damaging?"

I held those little CDs of my sermons in hand and thought, "this is so easily manipulated. And it's all out of my hands now."

Like anyone would ever want, or need, to manipulate my sermonic phraseology, but you know, your mind does go to those Manchurian Candidate places.


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