Saturday, December 17, 2005


I finally saw the 2003 film "Luther" starring Joseph Fiennes.

There's a bloody long debate about its accuracies and so on over at

I thought the film was okay, with a few bits of embarrassing nonsense like the Hollywoodized, boy-meets-girlization of what was really the fairly unsexy, monk-meets-nun relationship of Martin Luther and his wife, Katie.

Ialso couldn't help but smirk at the film's suggestion that them German peasants were just dying to get their hands on a Bible written in their own language!
They were? Even when the vast majority of them were illiterate?

But you must see Sir Peter Ustinov chew the scenery as Frederic the Wise. His lips are the most memorable part of the whole production.

I thought it was a little bit sad that poor Martin Luther had to start the whole Reformation without ever having anything to eat or drink. From the looks of it, all he did was pray, talk, and write the Bible in German. Sometimes rode a horse. Never once allowed liquid or solid refreshment to pass his lips.
Not one wienerschnitzel. Poor guy.


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