Friday, December 16, 2005

I Accidentally Stood Up Christopher Kimball

Christopher Kimball
Originally uploaded by Peacebang.

It's the saddest thing ever! I thought I was going to an America's Test Kitchen event at Brookline Booksmith, because they always send me Event Notice e-mails, but it turns out that the event was at the ACTUAL AMERICA's TEST KITCHEN in Brookline. I went to the wrong place. Worse yet, I met my date at the wrong place.

I am a big frowny face about missing Christopher Kimball. But I did go on a date, so that was one new year's resolution accomplished, and just in the nick of time! Only 15 or so days to spare!

Meanwhile, I caught this pic of Kelly Osbourne on and wondered if anyone would mind if I used it as a professional headshot:


I just thought that would be kind of funny. I used to wear piles of make-up like that, when I was about 15 and the theatre-vampire look was all the rage. If I slapped on bunch of pancake make-up and blood red lipstick, she could definitely pass for my demon spawn.


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